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...don't want to give up steak, butter, or alcohol?

Medical Studies Discover A "No Diet" Way To Lower Triglycerides

      ...I used these methods to lower my levels from 227 to 59 in less than six months!


Certain foods added to your diet actually lower triglycerides. Are you frustrated that you can't seem to get your high triglyceride levels down to normal? It drove me nuts! It seemed that whatever I tried, I couldn't get my levels down. It took me a long time to figure it out. Your diet is to blame. More important - it is easily corrected. Medical research has found a number of foods that actually lower your triglyceride levels. Incorporating these special foods into your diet will lower your levels.

Will you have to use a little moderation? Sure. If anyone tells you there is a magic cure that requires no changes, they are full of it. Although I would love to have a magic pill or something, common sense tells you that is just wishful thinking. But do you have to starve yourself? Give up steak? Give up butter? I am proof that you can still have a normal lifestyle and keep your triglyceride levels in check.

Here's my first blood test before my diet showing my high triglycerides at 227 mg/dl.


High Triglycerides


Here's my second blood test after changing my diet to lower my triglycerides. Less than 6 months later and look at the change!


Diet Triglycerides


Do you worry about your high triglycerides? I didn't worry about them that much. I mean the concern was always in the back of my mind, but I didn't worry about it enough to take any action. That is until I started reading the actual latest research on the health risks of high triglycerides. If reading the latest research on the health risks doesn't make you take notice and start to worry, then no advice I can give you is going to make any difference to you and you can stop reading. However if you are concerned, there is good news. You can simply and easily change your diet to lower triglycerides and greatly reduce or eliminate this significant health risk.

I am sure you have read all the basic diet advice on what foods to eat and what foods to avoid to lower those triglyceride levels. Unfortunately there is a problem with much of the diet advice to lower triglycerides out there on the web. The recommendations are either too hard to follow every day or it's just plain wrong! It is no secret that much of the information on hundreds of web sites is just a re-hash or rewording of the same few articles. That's right. People copy off one another. Then this information gets perpetuated throughout the web as if it's the gospel.

Here's proof:

Just about every website out there states that increasing your consumption of nuts, especially tree nuts, will lower your triglycerides. However in reviewing the actual medical studies, there are numerous studies that have proven that eating pistachios, almonds and walnuts do not affect your levels. First, that truth conflicts with much of the information out there on many sites. Second, if you are going to eat the calories, wouldn't you want to know which foods have actually been scientifically proven to lower your triglycerides?

How Drastic Will the Changes be to a Diet To Lower my Triglycerides?


Would you follow a "diet" that reduces your triglycerides and allows you to:

Really think about it.....would you follow such a diet if it reduced your heart attack or stroke risk by 43%?!

I follow it and frankly, it's not that tough. Especially when you consider that according to a Harvard study, I am now 16 times less likely to have a heart attack than before. If you are still reading, I am assuming that you made up your mind. You actually could follow this type of “no-diet”.


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My Story - What Turned It Around For Me


I had turned 50 years old. I was 30 pounds overweight, had high triglycerides and off the scale low HDL, the “good” cholesterol. I was turned down for life insurance. I started reading the latest studies about the health risks of high triglycerides and it scared me. It was time to do something about it. Instead of reading all the advice out there on the so called “expert” websites, I researched the actual medical studies. Within these dense scientific reports, I found nuggets of information that just isn't out there on the websites.

I spent many days doing the research and put together a list of foods that are scientifically proven by actual double blind medical studies to lower triglyceride levels. Then I developed a meal plan or “diet” that incorporated these triglyceride reducing foods, while still allowing me to splurge some on things like a good steak or butter on my bread. After 6 months of this “diet”, my triglycerides dropped from 227 mg/dl to 59 mg/dl in less than 6 months. As a bonus, I lost 22 pounds! You saw my blood tests.


Here's a short quiz to give you further examples of my research:


Test your knowledge of triglyceride reducing research!
1. Which fruit is best for lowering triglycerides?
a) Raisons
b) Pineapple
c) Grapefruit
2. Can increased exercise alone reduce triglycerides?
a) Yes
b) No
3. Do grapes by themselves reduce triglycerides?
a) Yes

b) No


I spent over 45 hours pouring through medical studies to discover which foods actually lowered triglycerides when included in your diet and which foods didn't. If you paid someone minimum wage to do the research for you, it would cost you $326.25. Then you would still have to develop your meal plan and follow it for months to see if it actually worked. Fortunately I have already done the work for you, proven it works with my own blood tests and compiled everything into 26 page guide available for instant download for only $9.99! The vast audience of the internet allows me to recoup my costs for the research and this site by spreading the costs among many people - and you take advantage.


Included in this guide, you will discover:


As a bonus, if you say yes to this offer within

I will also include a weight loss calculator that allows you to easily calculate how many calories you need to either maintain or lose weight. This is a $15.00 value by itself!

Bottom line is that for $9.99 or less than the cost of a cheap pizza, you can have a proven meal plan that I used to drastically lower my triglycerides, reduce my risk of stroke or heart attack and actually lose weight. If you follow this meal plan and don't see a significant reduction in triglyceride levels, I will refund 100% of your purchase price. I can't make it any more risk free than that.

Triglyceride Guarantee

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